Who Owns the Sky?
Our Common Assets and the Future of Capitalism

by Peter Barnes

Published July 2001
by Island Press
Hardcover $22.95
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Paperback coming soon! If George W.Bush were looking for a painless way to reduce global warming, he'd spend a night reading this short and eloquent book. In Who Owns the Sky?: Our Common Assets and the Future of Capitalism, entrepreneur Peter Barnes redefines the debate about climate change. By treating the sky as a commonly owned asset, he argues, we can protect the atmosphere while paying cash to every American.

UPDATE: The Sky Trust is not just a concept anymore! Senators McCain and Lieberman have introduced the Climate Stewardship Act of 2003. The Act contains many of the ideas described in "Who Owns the Sky?"

But will it give away the sky in order to save it?

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Peter Barnes co-founded and served as president of Working Assets Long Distance. He lives with his two sons in San Francisco, Calif.

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What People Are Saying...
"Peter Barnes artfully illuminates an idea so compelling it's a wonder no one has stated it until now: The sky belongs to all of us, and those who pollute it ought to pay the rest of us for the right to do so. The economics are clear and sound. The idea is simple, elegant, and far-reaching. It could change the very future of our economy."
Dale Jorgenson, Frederic E. Abbe Professor of Economics, Harvard University

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