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Here are just a few of the comments about Who Owns the Sky?
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“A note to President Bush: If you want a vision that unites, not divides, talk to Peter Barnes. Who Owns The Sky? is an energizing glimmer of hope for us all.”
Jim Hightower, author of If the Gods Had Meant Us To Vote They Would Have Given Us Candidates

“Peter Barnes has started mutual funds and a telephone company. Now he's designed a product that will help save the planet and pay us real cash to boot. It's the best thing since Cherry Garcia!”
Ben Cohen, co-founder, Ben & Jerry's Homemade

“As a successful entrepreneur, Peter Barnes has proven his mettle in the business world. In Who Owns The Sky? he calls on that experience to press new policies and challenge old approaches to protect the global environment.”
U.S. Senator John Kerry

Who Owns the Sky? presents a clear, elegant and equitable
domestic mechanism for averting climate catastrophe. The U.S. could
move from laggard to leader in reducing climate-altering emissions
by following Peter Barnes' blueprint.”
Ross Gelbspan, author, The Heat Is On

"A fine exposition of some good ideas. I will surely assign it to students in the fall semester."
Herman Daly, prof. of economics, Univ. of Maryland

"A brilliant and important book."
Terry Tempest Williams, author


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